Michelle in Training Launches at TangySweet!

Friday the 13th was a lucky day at MiT, we had a fantastic launch at the Penn Quarter TangySweet! We hosted a froyo friendraiser to get the word out about our program, sign up new volunteers and, most importantly, eat lots of frozen yogurt. All three goals were successful and we had a blast doing it! New volunteers signed up, new people got excited about MiT and we had a full day of healthy-yet-delicious snacking. A lucky day indeed.

TangySweet is light and pretty and the perfect place for our launch!

showHER chair Kiah hanging out at the table

kat and Darla, our amazing Advisory Board member!

Timika, our new volunteer!

Founders at work! Hanging with Capital Cause founder and MiT supporter Kezia Williams.

Kiah and our amazing intern, Faith.

If you couldn’t make it to the friendraiser but still want to volunteer, no worries! Just click HERE! Next up, our very first class with the girls. We’re having a tech day to get them set up with all of the email/docs/etc. they’ll need to get them through the first semester. We’re so excited to finally spend the day with the girls!